Thursday, July 2, 2009

PSP and Me: Gaming Love Gone Too Far

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PSP and I have always been close, but after Metal Gear Solid was made available as a download 2 weeks ago, our relationship changed. 

It used to be that we would do whatever a guy and their favorite gaming system would do together. Each morning we'd have breakfast and I'd feed her Honey Smacks, her favorite cereal. 

Sometimes we'd take baths together. Not in the Boggs/Andy Dufresne sense, but in a "two friends who need to get clean and like to conserve water" kind of way. She really liked it when I'd read about upcoming titles I could download to her from the PlayStation store. 

But two weeks ago, after what I now call "MGSGate", our relationship took a different turn. I was looking at her in a way that made my wife a little uncomfortable. We started spending a lot more time together. We'd even go on picnics with a bottle of wine and I'd read strategy guides to her. You could cut the tension with a knife.

Then one night, things got out of control. Maybe it was the Natty Light, maybe it was the candles, or maybe it was Michael Jackson's Bad (which was playing in the background), but suddenly we started to reveal feelings that both of us had kept hidden until that day.  

Our forbidden love was doomed from the start, but it all came crashing down the night my wife came home early from her needle point party to find us in bed together. It was a horrible site, UMD drives were scattered everywhere.

Things are different now. Without the PSP around I'm stuck with that loud obnoxious chatterbox Xbox 360, fat ass PS3, and cute but way too young for me Wii.  

I miss my sleek, sexy friend. But I heard that her sister might be in town this October. Don't let my wife know. 

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